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  • S3 E11: Christian Zionism Part 2 with Aidan Orly and Marisa Siegel

    Following up on our conversation with Amy Fallas and Garrison Davis about Palestine and Zionism, Kieryn and Eve take a closer look at the complex legacy of Zionism with Aidan Orly of PRA and Marisa Siegel of The Rumpus and what it feels like to be a Jewish person speaking out for the rights of Palestinians today.

  • S3 E8: Christian Zionism with Amy Fallas and Garrison Davis

    Why is it suddenly more mainstream/acceptable to be pro-Palestine, when just a couple years ago it was extremely unpopular politically on the Left?  Kieryn and Eve are joined by MENA […]

  • S2 E3: King of Israel

    Become a Patreon supporter  $1 or more a month grants you exclusive access to the community slack and special events!To view this content, you must be a member of Kitchen […]

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