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  • S3 E11: Christian Zionism Part 2 with Aidan Orly and Marisa Siegel

    Following up on our conversation with Amy Fallas and Garrison Davis about Palestine and Zionism, Kieryn and Eve take a closer look at the complex legacy of Zionism with Aidan Orly of PRA and Marisa Siegel of The Rumpus and what it feels like to be a Jewish person speaking out for the rights of Palestinians today.

  • S3 E8: Christian Zionism with Amy Fallas and Garrison Davis

    Why is it suddenly more mainstream/acceptable to be pro-Palestine, when just a couple years ago it was extremely unpopular politically on the Left?  Kieryn and Eve are joined by MENA […]

  • S2 E3: King of Israel

    Kieryn and Eve discuss what it meant when the Orange One said he was “The chosen one” and “like the king of Israel.” Is the Cheeto the antichrist? How many […]

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