Tag: White Supremacy

  • S3 E9: Jesus and John Wayne with Kristen Du Mez

    Eve and Kieryn are joined by Kristin Du Mez to talk about her book, Jesus and John Wayne and the history of how radical right wing evangelicals came to power. […]

  • S3 E1: In Case of End Times, Bring Shofar w/ Molly Conger

    Kieryn and Eve decompress about the first coup attempt with everyone’s favorite socialist dog mom (@socialistdogmom), Molly Conger!  Find out what it was like to be in DC during the […]

  • S2 E19: Elsie Dinsmore

    Eve and Kieryn discuss Martha Finley’s Elsie Dinsmore books and why christians aren’t appalled at Roy Moore and other right wing leaders’ abusive histories. CN: For discussion of racist ideology […]

  • S2 E13: The Conspiracy is Real 7 Part 1; Matt Shea

    Eve and Kieryn tear into Matt Shea’s “Biblical Basis for War” and deconstruct what some of it means within the context of Shea’s worldview. CN for racism, white supremacy, queermisia, and […]

  • S2 E9: Bob Jones University

    Become a Patreon supporter  $1 or more a month grants you exclusive access to the community slack and special events!To view this content, you must be a member of Kitchen […]

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