S3 E8: Christian Zionism with Amy Fallas and Garrison Davis

Why is it suddenly more mainstream/acceptable to be pro-Palestine, when just a couple years ago it was extremely unpopular politically on the Left? 

Kieryn and Eve are joined by MENA scholar (Amy Fallas, PhD candidate at UCSB) and Garrison Davis (PDX uprising reporter + organizer) to talk about the theology behind Christian support of Zionism and also the political history that drives this conflict. 

Show notes:

A toolkit for countering Christian Zionism: https://countercufi.yuvi.in/

A project of Palestinian Christians to educate evangelicals: https://christatthecheckpoint.bethbc.edu/about-christ-at-the-checkpoint/

A toolkit from the Palestinian Feminist Collective: https://bit.ly/3fHBba8 

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