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Tag: Healing

  • S4E7: Farminary and RHE with Jeff Chu

    Kieryn and Eve chat with Jeff Chu about finishing the book Wholehearted Faith that he & the late Rachel Held Evans co-authored. Listen to discuss what it’s like to write […]

  • Episode 30: Bitches, Witches, and Twinks #Astrology

    Eve and Kieryn are joined by Nate Caradog, to talk about astrology! Find Nate on: soulfriendastrology.com or @RyanCaradog on twitter.  Articles: Heather Dockray, “Astrology is booming and it’s queerer than […]

  • Episode 25: Racism on the Right

    Guest Caris Adel joins Kieryn and Eve to talk about the systemic racism and white supremacy in how they were raised, and how Caris has journeyed to dismantle and understand […]

  • Episode Twelve: Self-care

    Joined this week by KTC producer Aaron Bechtel, Kieryn and Hännah take a pause in their series to focus on self-care and recovering from trauma in religious environments. This discussion […]

  • Episode Eleven: Purity Culture

    Jaime Lee Finch joins Kieryn and Hännah (Eve) to discuss purity culture, how it damages people, and how they are working to heal from it.

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