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  • S2 E27: Betsy DeVos Part 2

    In a follow up on the first episode on Betsy DeVos, Kieryn and Eve are joined by listener Kristin to hear about her experience as a public school educator during […]

  • S2 E26: Betsy DeVos Part 1

    S2 E26: Betsy Devos Part 1 Kieryn and Eve (FINALLY) discuss Devos’ history and relationship to HSLDA to begin understanding what her recent attack on public education means and why […]

  • Episode 36: Masturbation, Creation Science, & Question Catch-up

    While their families back home were celebrating Zombie Jesus, Kieryn and Eve answered some listener questions: how a teacher can help support kids raised like they were, what’s up with […]

  • Episode 26: #ExposeChristianHomeschooling and Listener Questions

    Question catch up time: day in the life of a homeschooler, evolution vs creation science, and more! Guest Chris Stroop talks about the viral hashtags #ExposeChristianSchools and #ExposeChristianHomeschooling and the […]

  • Episode 25: Racism on the Right

    Guest Caris Adel joins Kieryn and Eve to talk about the systemic racism and white supremacy in how they were raised, and how Caris has journeyed to dismantle and understand […]

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