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  • S4E13: Have You Heard The One About Schlafly

    Turns out, Lifespring was not the only cult Ginni Thomas has been a part of. Ginni’s mom was an active part of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, and never left that […]

  • S4E12: Group Grope (aka Ginni Thomas Part 1)

    In this first part of a multi-episode series on Ginni Thomas, Kieryn and Eve talk about what draws people into cults, why it isn’t weird that Ginni Thomas was in […]

  • S4 E11: Matt Shea Part 3

    Just when we thought were done with Matt Shea he goes off to Ukraine to “””””rescue””””” some “orphans”. We have words about it.  Show notes: Opening Song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xX3IfQEH_ https://www.rangemedia.co/matt-shea-poland-ukraine-lublin-orphan/ […]

  • S3 E12: Behind Blue Curtains with Molly Maeve Eagan

    Kieryn and Eve chat with Behind Blue Curtains co-author Molly Maeve Eagan about the book and how high control religious groups groom children for abuse and keep them quiet about it with shame once they become adults. CN: talking about Child Sexual Assault

  • S3E3: Leaving isn’t the Hardest thing with Lauren Hough

    Lauren Hough (@laurenthehough) joins Kieryn and Eve to talk about her brilliant debut book, Leaving Isn’t The Hardest Thing (April 2021), a collection of essays about what life has been […]

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