Tag: Homeschooling

  • S3 E13: Awanas and Olympics with Teresa

    Eve and Kieryn are joined by Teresa to talk about Awanas, the Olympics, and the isolation of homeschooled athletes. Find Teresa on instagram – www.instagram.com/polkadotishly/

  • S2 E25: Ask a (formerly) Homeschooling Parent

    Kieryn and Eve are joined by special guest, Eileen (Eve’s mom!) to answer questions about homeschooling through COVID19, how to handle periods of estrangement, and the importance of relationships with […]

  • S2 E12: A Present Vote

    Kieryn and Eve discuss Christianity Today’s call for impeachment along with Tulsi Gabbard’s lack of vote. They dive into the details of what it would look like to grow up […]

  • S2 E10: The Movies That Hit Home(schooling)

    This week’s episode is a palate cleanser! We talk about representation of homeschooling (and cultish upbringings) in movies and tv and talk about why Tangled and Frozen hit us so […]

  • Episode 16: Church and State

    Kieryn and Hännah are joined by Jeremiah Warren to talk about growing up in politically active conservative communities and how that affects us today. FOOTNOTE: Have a question? ask it here! For […]

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