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Tag: racism

  • S4E14: Grove City College & (not) CRT with Cedric Lewis

    Kieryn and Eve chat with Prof. Cedric Lewis about Grove City College’s Critical Race Theory “investigation”. Listen to find out what’s actually happening on campus and what you can do […]

  • S3 E1: In Case of End Times, Bring Shofar w/ Molly Conger

    Kieryn and Eve decompress about the first coup attempt with everyone’s favorite socialist dog mom (@socialistdogmom), Molly Conger!  Find out what it was like to be in DC during the […]

  • S2 E28: Interview with Jaelani Turner-Williams

    For Bitch Magazine’s Fall 2020 Power Issue, Jaelani Turner-Williams wrote about how crisis homeschooling this fall might benefit Black and brown students in unexpected ways. Kieryn and Eve discuss with […]

  • S2 E23: Fertility Maximalists

    Kieryn and Eve catch up on all the non-plague related happenings. Tune in to hear about the rediscovery of Quiverfull in retaliation to the SCOTUS’ ruling on discrimination protections for […]

  • S2 E19: Elsie Dinsmore

    Eve and Kieryn discuss Martha Finley’s Elsie Dinsmore books and why christians aren’t appalled at Roy Moore and other right wing leaders’ abusive histories. CN: For discussion of racist ideology […]

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