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  • S3 E1: In Case of End Times, Bring Shofar w/ Molly Conger

    Kieryn and Eve decompress about the first coup attempt with everyone’s favorite socialist dog mom (@socialistdogmom), Molly Conger!  Find out what it was like to be in DC during the […]

  • S2 E28: Interview with Jaelani Turner-Williams

    For Bitch Magazine’s Fall 2020 Power Issue, Jaelani Turner-Williams wrote about how crisis homeschooling this fall might benefit Black and brown students in unexpected ways. Kieryn and Eve discuss with […]

  • S2 E23: Fertility Maximalists

    Kieryn and Eve catch up on all the non-plague related happenings. Tune in to hear about the rediscovery of Quiverfull in retaliation to the SCOTUS’ ruling on discrimination protections for […]

  • S2 E19: Elsie Dinsmore

    Eve and Kieryn discuss Martha Finley’s Elsie Dinsmore books and why christians aren’t appalled at Roy Moore and other right wing leaders’ abusive histories. CN: For discussion of racist ideology […]

  • S2 E11: The Conspiracy is Real part 6; Eric Metaxas

    Become a Patreon supporter to access this episode. $1 or more a month grants you exclusive access to the full KTC archive and community slack!To view this content, you must […]

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