Tag: Purity Culture

  • S3 E14: Interview with Sheila Wray Gregoire

    Kieryn and Eve chat with the author of The Great Sex Rescue, Sheila Wray Gregoire to discuss leaving behind the toxicity of purity culture while still practicing Christianity, and why […]

  • S3 E12: Behind Blue Curtains with Molly Maeve Eagan

    Kieryn and Eve chat with Behind Blue Curtains co-author Molly Maeve Eagan about the book and how high control religious groups groom children for abuse and keep them quiet about it with shame once they become adults. CN: talking about Child Sexual Assault

  • S3 E10: Free Britney

    Kieryn and Eve discuss Britney Spears' testimony and why it hit so close to home.

  • S3E7: Purity Culture & Josh Duggar with Tori Glass

    Kieryn and Eve are joined by Tori Glass to discuss how purity culture grooms children for abuse of all kinds, white supremacy, consent, and gentle parenting. Show Notes: Homeschooled Children’s […]

  • S3 E6 (NSFW!): Letters to Our Future Ex-Spouses

    2 hour special! Eve and Kieryn talk about Purity Culture & Sex Addiction, Masturbation, and the nitty gritty of how Bottom Surgery works. This episode is extremely NSFW! CN: talking […]

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