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Tag: Prophecy

  • S2 E17: Looking for Signs from God with Emily VanDerWerff

    Kieryn and Eve are joined by Emily VanDerWerff from Vox and the Arden Podcast to discuss how the superstitional charismatic practice of seeking signs from God affected their life trajectories. Show Notes:Follow Emily:,!’s post: Have a question? ask it here!For early access to future episodes and the complete archive, become a patron!Follow us on The Internet:@BluePupBoi,…

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  • S2 E3: King of Israel

    Kieryn and Eve discuss what it meant when the Orange One said he was “The chosen one” and “like the king of Israel.” Is the Cheeto the antichrist? How many steps into genocide are we? What are the traits of fascist takeovers? Listen to this episode to find out! Show………israel-title/………e4b04d7df167cfab Have a question? ask it…

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