• S2 E31: Go Home 2020, You’re Drunk

    For the last episode of the year and the last episode of Season 2, Kieryn and Eve talk about plans for the future of the podcast, recap 2020, plot 2020 […]

  • S2 E28: Interview with Jaelani Turner-Williams

    For Bitch Magazine’s Fall 2020 Power Issue, Jaelani Turner-Williams wrote about how crisis homeschooling this fall might benefit Black and brown students in unexpected ways. Kieryn and Eve discuss with […]

  • S2 E21: Samaritan’s Purse and Apocalypse Bingo

    The stars and the wifi aligned and Kieryn and Eve return to talk about coping with COVID19 isolation, and take a peek into why Samaritan’s Purse (and other religious aid […]

  • KTC Reads Short Stories

    We’re all sheltering in place and dealing with that collective trauma, so instead of a full episode, please enjoy Kieryn’s reading of The Tell-Tale Heart. Or, read it yourself: www.poemuseum.org/the-tell-tale-heart

  • S2 E20: The Government is Homeschooling Us Now

    In this episode Kieryn and Eve discuss what the pandemic feels like after growing up in an environment where this level of panic was normal, and provide tips for surviving […]

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