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Tag: evangelical

  • S2 E23: Fertility Maximalists

    Kieryn and Eve catch up on all the non-plague related happenings. Tune in to hear about the rediscovery of Quiverfull in retaliation to the SCOTUS’ ruling on discrimination protections for queer employees, venting about healthcare, and catching up with Jerry Falwell. Because Juneteenth is 30 minutes from now Pacific Time we’re releasing this episode to everyone […]

  • Episode 37: Question Everything

    Kieryn and Eve talk about Rachel Held Evans, the(Homeschooled, Christian fundamentalist) background of the Poway shooter, and why asking questions is so important to escaping fundamentalist thinking. Notes:Homeschooling’s Invisible Children: Ingersoll on Christian Terrorism: Eve’s tribute to RHE:  Have a question? ask it here!For early access to this podcast and other exclusive content, become […]

  • Episode 20: The Virgin Birth Gave Me PTSD

    Eve and Kieryn talk about the weirdest and worst traditions they experienced growing up, and delve into how the virgin birth was actually really traumatizing! But no episode on Xmas would be complete without discussing the war, so that happens too.  DONATEto the Coalition for Responsible Home Education!CRHE is a 501c3 and the only organization dedicated […]

  • Episode Eight: Roundtable! Statement on Social Justice

    Kieryn and Hännah are joined by Christopher Stroop and Emily Maust Wood to discuss the newly released Statement on Social Justice (cosigned and written by the likes of John MacArthur, James White, and Voddie Baucham. What does this statement mean, when translated from evangelical-ese? Why is this important? How does a Christian concerned with social […]