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Tag: Election 2020

  • S2 E12: A Present Vote

    Kieryn and Eve discuss Christianity Today’s call for impeachment along with Tulsi Gabbard’s lack of vote. They dive into the details of what it would look like to grow up in a religious and politically active cult and never leave.  Show Notes:Donate to CRHE! Links:Christianity Today: Tulsi’s Statement: Overview of the cult Tulsi grew up…

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  • S2 E5: The Conspiracy is Real Part 3; Tim Echols

    Tim Echols, the GA Public Service Commissioner put his name in the hat for the US Senate Appointment. Kieryn and Eve explain who he is, what he believes, and where this fits in the puzzle. Kieryn’s Rant Time  Okay, wow, so first of all: APPARENTLY TEENPACT IS COMING TO CALIFORNIA. I have warned my friends…

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  • S2 E2 Cult 2020: Take Me To Your Leader?

    Kieryn and Eve are joined by Garrard Conley (Author of Boy Erased and anti-conversion activist)to discuss why the Love-Fascism-to-Death 2020 presidential candidate has the vibe of a cult leader, and what does that even mean? FIND OUT. NOTES Have a question? ask it here!For early access to future episodes and the complete archive, become…

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