Tag: Transphobia

  • S4E18: Fighting Parental Rights Extremism with Darcy

    Kieryn and Eve chat with Darcy about how to Protect Trans Kids and fight against Parental Rights Extremism in your school district. Show Notes:Darcy on twitter: twitter.com/Dragonfly_Darcywww.genderinclusiveschools.org/

  • S2 E24: Transphobia Across the Aisles

    Kieryn and Eve discuss the current manifestations of transphobia from Menlo Park church to JK Rowling. CW’s apply. Show Notes:Sponsor Eve’s book writing summer (venmo @haettinger) Menlo Park Timeline:https://ruthhutchins.com/post/menlo-church-john-ortberg-timeline/ CRHE […]

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