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Tag: Pro-Life

  • S4E6: Roe

    Eve and Kieryn talk about the impacts of the SCOTUS hearing and what it could mean for Roe v. Wade and other personal rights in the future.  If you haven’t murdered anyone yet, good job! We have a t-shirt for you and teepublic would like us to tell you that it’s on sale for $14…

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  • S2 E6: The Unborns

    How is miscarriage handled in the extremely pro-life communities Kieryn and Eve grew up in? What’s the theological basis for those scary heartbeat bills? TW: Graphic descriptions of stillbirth/bodies/blood. Show Notes: Have a question? ask it here!For early access to future episodes and the complete archive, become a patron!Follow us on The Internet:@BluePupBoi, @eve_ettinger, @kitchencultpodor…

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