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Tag: Parenting

  • S4E20: I’m Glad My Mom Died

    ( ) It’s the last episode of Season 4! Kieryn and Eve discuss the book “I’m Glad My Mom Died” and how it feels to realize you were abused by […]

  • S4E4: Don’t Hit Your Kids! with Tal Lavin

    This month, Tal Lavin’s (author of Culture Warlords: my journey into the dark web of white supremacy) new Substack is allowing Tal to do a three-part series on the ouvre […]

  • S3E7: Purity Culture & Josh Duggar with Tori Glass

    Kieryn and Eve are joined by Tori Glass to discuss how purity culture grooms children for abuse of all kinds, white supremacy, consent, and gentle parenting. Show Notes: Homeschooled Children’s […]

  • Episode 33: Everyone Loves Birth Stories (Live from Oakland Part 1)

    If you missed the live hangout on Saturday, don’t worry. LIVE FROM OAKLAND, IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT (part 1). Kieryn and Eve talk dissect the latest edition of the Above Rubies […]

  • Episode 17: Spanking

    *** Trigger Warnings Apply *** The American Academy of Pediatrics officially condemns spanking, and Kieryn and Hännah discuss this news and their experiences with spanking and with parenting books by […]

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