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Tag: Betsy Devos

  • S2 E27: Betsy DeVos Part 2

    In a follow up on the first episode on Betsy DeVos, Kieryn and Eve are joined by listener Kristin to hear about her experience as a public school educator during the reign of DeVos. What has changed? What’s been the impact of those changes? What should we be looking out for this fall? Show Notes:Research:…

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  • S2 E26: Betsy DeVos Part 1

    S2 E26: Betsy Devos Part 1 Kieryn and Eve (FINALLY) discuss Devos’ history and relationship to HSLDA to begin understanding what her recent attack on public education means and why HSLDA isn’t fighting against the free government money they are notorious for hating. Hint: It’s not good. Show Notes:  Fact Sheet on the Devos Planhttps://www.ncpecoalition.org/trump-voucher-plan…

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