The Conspiracy is Real.

Kitchen Table Cult unpacks all the things Kieryn and Eve learned at the kitchen tables of their childhoods in conservative Christian homeschooling families. We drill down on various topics about Quiverfull, the Religious Right, and our childhoods in high-demand groups (otherwise known as cults).

We’re not surprised about the rise of Trump, Christian fascism, or evangelical white women voting for someone like Mike Pence, and we want to take you back through the beginning of it all to explain why.

Eve (left) and Kieryn (right) standing on some wooden steps in a garden.

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S6E12: Children's Rights and Parents' Wrongs Kitchen Table Cult Pod

Kieryn and Eve discuss the German family who sought (and were temporarily-ish granted!) asylum in the US to be allowed to homeschool their kids because Germany takes the rights and education of Children seriously. Show notes: This episode was produced by the lovely Mary Steffenhagen!