Tag: Kieryn Darkwater

  • S4E8: The Invisible History of Homeschooling (Research Project) with Dr. Lindsey Maxwell

    The homeschooling movement has always been more diverse than it seems! Eve and Kieryn chatted with Dr. Lindsey Maxwell about the invisible history of homeschooling as told through magazines and […]

  • S4E7: Farminary and RHE with Jeff Chu

    Kieryn and Eve chat with Jeff Chu about finishing the book Wholehearted Faith that he & the late Rachel Held Evans co-authored. Listen to discuss what it’s like to write […]

  • S4E6: Roe

    Eve and Kieryn talk about the impacts of the SCOTUS hearing and what it could mean for Roe v. Wade and other personal rights in the future.  If you haven’t […]

  • S4E5: God Told Me to be a Dick with Steph Drury

    Kieryn and Eve chat with Stephanie Drury about Christianity Today’s podcast about Mars Hill and the importance of giving people room to grow. Notes:Twitter: twitter.com/StuffCCLikesInstagram: www.instagram.com/stuffchristianculturelikes/

  • S4E4: Don’t Hit Your Kids! with Talia Lavin

    This month, Talia Lavin’s (author of Culture Warlords: my journey into the dark web of white supremacy) new Substack is allowing her to do a three-part series on the ouvre […]

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