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Recent Posts

  • S4E14: Grove City College & (not) CRT with Cedric Lewis

    Kieryn and Eve chat with Prof. Cedric Lewis about Grove City College’s Critical Race Theory “investigation”. Listen to find out what’s actually happening on campus and what you can do […]

  • S4E13: Have You Heard The One About Schlafly

    Turns out, Lifespring was not the only cult Ginni Thomas has been a part of. Ginni’s mom was an active part of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, and never left that […]

  • S4E12: Group Grope (aka Ginni Thomas Part 1)

    In this first part of a multi-episode series on Ginni Thomas, Kieryn and Eve talk about what draws people into cults, why it isn’t weird that Ginni Thomas was in […]

  • S4 E11: Matt Shea Part 3

    Just when we thought were done with Matt Shea he goes off to Ukraine to “””””rescue””””” some “orphans”. We have words about it.  Show notes: Opening Song – […]

  • S4E10: Catching Up and Culture Shock

    In this short and more low-key episode Kieryn and Eve catch up on the move to Berlin and compare notes about what it’s like to experience culture shock in multiple […]

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