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  • S2 E25: Ask a (formerly) Homeschooling Parent

    Kieryn and Eve are joined by special guest, Eileen (Eve’s mom!) to answer questions about homeschooling through COVID19, how to handle periods of estrangement, and the importance of relationships with […]

  • S2 E24: Transphobia Across the Aisles

    Kieryn and Eve discuss the current manifestations of transphobia from Menlo Park church to JK Rowling. CW’s apply. Show Notes:Sponsor Eve’s book writing summer (venmo @haettinger) Menlo Park Timeline: CRHE […]

  • S2 E23: Fertility Maximalists

    Kieryn and Eve catch up on all the non-plague related happenings. Tune in to hear about the rediscovery of Quiverfull in retaliation to the SCOTUS’ ruling on discrimination protections for […]

  • S2 E22: The Salvation Army and Human Trafficking

    Kieryn and Eve are back and dive into the Salvation Army’s impact in Human Trafficking and how christian NGO’s operations can be more harmful than helpful. Notes: […]

  • S2 E21: Samaritan’s Purse and Apocalypse Bingo

    The stars and the wifi aligned and Kieryn and Eve return to talk about coping with COVID19 isolation, and take a peek into why Samaritan’s Purse (and other religious aid […]

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