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  • Episode Four: The Conspiracy is Real

    Kieryn and Hännah talk about the organization behind Sessions’ Religious Liberty Task Force: the Alliance Defending Freedom. Who are they, Where do they come from, What did they teach? How […]

  • Episode Three: Diligently Taught

    Kieryn and Eve discuss the intersections of homeschooling, race, privilege, and children’s rights.Footnotes: Homeschooling 101: Coalition for Responsible Home Education Homeschool Demographics NCES Have a question? ask it here! For early access […]

  • Doin’ it for the Babies

    Kieryn and Hännah talk about the Pro-Life Movement, what Kennedy’s retirement means, Birth Control, and what they learned and felt growing up as AFAB people in a world where being […]

  • Episode One: Beginning at the End

    Hännah and Kieryn introduce themselves and talk about the end times. Next week they’ll be taking questions, if you have one, ask it here! For early access to this podcast […]

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