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Recent Posts

  • Episode 25: Racism on the Right

    Guest Caris Adel joins Kieryn and Eve to talk about the systemic racism and white supremacy in how they were raised, and how Caris has journeyed to dismantle and understand […]

  • Ep. 24: Journaling, Devotions, and Prayer Journals

    Did you make a secret code so your parents couldn’t read your prayer journal? Did you write in your diary every day? DID YOU WRITE LETTERS TO YOUR FUTURE SPOUSE? […]

  • Episode 23: Doubt

    Eve and Kieryn talk about how doubt was handled in their versions of christianity, and what led to their de-conversions. Notes: How to change your gender marker’s de-conversion Have […]

  • Episode 22: New Year’s Resolutions & Question Catch-up!

    Find out what our New Year’s Resolutions are and answers to questions like “why don’t quiverful families practice polyamory?” and other fun things! Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel so […]

  • Episode 21: Year in Review

    What the fuck happened in 2018, and what did we miss covering with this podcast? Kieryn and Eve do a recap episode.  Also: Santa is a cop. Check out Organizations […]

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