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The Conspiracy is Real.

Kitchen Table Cult unpacks all the things Kieryn and Eve learned at the kitchen tables of their childhoods in conservative Christian homeschooling families. We drill down on various topics about Quiverfull, the Religious Right, and our childhoods in high-demand groups (otherwise known as cults).

We’re not surprised about the rise of Trump, Christian fascism, or evangelical white women voting for someone like Mike Pence, and we want to take you back through the beginning of it all to explain why.

Eve (left) and Kieryn (right) standing on some wooden steps in a garden.

Listen to the latest episode:

S6E6: We Are All The Public Library with Eddie the Librarian Kitchen Table Cult Pod

What do censorship, homeschooling, intellectual freedom, and libraries have in common? We get into it today with Eddie Kristan about the fight libraries are seeing with parental-rights extremist groups trying to censor books and the impact that has on children's rights to access information. Show Notes: Institutions on the job: Freedom to Read Foundation (IF arm of the ALA): Emily Knox – Freedom to Read Foundation – PEN American has been on the job: DPLA – the banned book club: Queer Liberation Library Brooklyn Public Library's Books Unbanned: Chicago Public Library Book Sanctuaries: CPL Book Sanctuary Project: Past ALA cases: United States, et al. v. American Library Association, Inc. et al., 539 U.S. 194, 123 S.Ct. 2297, 156 L.Ed.2d 221 (2003) Tattered Cover, Inc. v. City of Thornton, 44 P.3d 1044 (Colo. Sup. Ct., 2002) Sund v. City of Wichita Falls, Texas, 121 F. Supp. 2d 530 (N.D. Texas, 2000) the “300 signatories” case. Case v. Unified School District No. 233, 908 F. Supp. 864 (D. Kan. 1995) The “Annie on my mind” case. Active cases to follow: Pen America v. Escanaba School District 23-cv-10385 Filed May 17, 2023 Fayetteville Public Library v Crawford County et al. -23-CV-05086 Book People Inc et al. v. Wong 23-cv-00858 – Filed July 25, 2023 Leila Green Little, et al. v. Llano County, Llano County Texas Library Most concerning bills: Idaho HB 666 Indiana SB 17 Iowa HB 2176 Oklahoma SB 1142 South Dakota House Bill 1337: Tennessee House Bill 1944 Tennessee House Bill 800 Follow: @fobettarh EddieKristan Eddie the Giant Librarian